To promote research, development and innovation in the aeronautical sector in order to create projects and meet the needs of the aeronautical sector in México.

Consolidate the aeronautical sector in México.

The main objective of the RTNA is to promote and strengthen the scientific collaboration in the AERONAUTICAL field that corresponds to the scientific, technological and social challenges of this sector, and that procure the entailment between the academy, government and society. This with the intention of defining thematic guidelines for scientific, technological and innovation development, under a multi institutional and multi disciplinary focus, in order to encourage the interaction of the triple helix (Academy-Industry-Government) to positively impact national development and welfare.



  • Consolidate a cutting edge national program of investigation, as well as a human resources and infrastructure catalogue, identifying needs, strengths, weaknesses and opportunities of aeronautics.
  • Establish management, diffusion, divulgation and technologic transference actions, among the different sectors of the society.
  • Encourage mobility and internationalization of investigators and students.
  • Address proposals regarding updating or generation of educative programs, on the different topics of the network.
  • Provide advice and consultancy services, oriented to the industrial needs, addressing the problems and emergencies in the country.
  • Provide training and ongoing education programs.
  • Consolidate a strong network, with positive impact at local and national levels.


  • Define tools and means for the development of science, as well as for the transfer and divulgation of knowledge in the aeronautic sector.
  • Stablish mechanisms to identify, integrate and articulate capacities and infrastructure, applied on investigation and development of the aeronautic sector.
    • Develop, strengthen and promote relevant and high quality academic programs, resulting in highly competitive human resources.
    • Develop effective mobility programs among the members of the network.
    • Develop investigation and technological development projects, arising intellectual property records and / or high-tech applications.
    • Consolidate strategic alliances with entities that generate knowledge and technology, nationally and internationally.




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